Application Guide

Column selection policies

  1. Check the past data
    • Literature (Exact structure)
    • Application Guide
    • CHIRBAE (Commercial database for chiral HPLC)
      B.Koppenhoefer, R.Graf, H.Holzschuh, A. Nothdurft, U.Trettin, P.Piras, and C.Rouseel, J. Chromatogr., A, 666, 557 (1994)
    • Speculation based on similar structures
  2. Assumption on basis of the separation trends
  3. Ask DAICEL.
  4. Try and error with some columns according to the column screening mothod.
    Automoatic screening system is very helpful for you.
    Column screening method

Application CD To order the Application CD

The CHIRAL TECHNOLOGIES Applications Guide CD contains over 1,100 examples of chiral separations by liquid chromatography and includes a copy of the CHIRAL TECHNOLOGIES Products and Services Catalog.

Chiral Application Search Chiral Application Search

The Chiral Application Search has been developed to help you find the best stationary phase (CSP) and column for the enantiomeric separation of your compound. With over 1,200 applications, the guide is intuitive and straightforward. We have added newly developed applications for our columns CROWNPAK® CR-I (+)/(-) in addition to the existing separations for CHIRALPAK® Immobilised, Coated, Protein columns, and CHIRALPAK® ZWIX (+)/(-).

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