Technical Support

When you choose our DAICEL chiral column products and services you also get our full technical support, including:

  1. Accecc to an extensive database of chiral separations
  2. Guidance on questions related to the separation of a specific compound
  3. Assistance with issues related to the use of
    • Column selection
    • Our chiral analytical columns
    • Preparative separations using semipreparative and preparative columns

Access DAICEL technical support as follows:

  1. Visit the FAQs page. These informative FAQs are regulary updated to reflect customers' most common and immediate concerns.
  2. Send an email to or this form, for a response from our experts.


We back our products and services with an extensive database of chiral separations and guidance on the separation of specific compounds.

Worldewide Network

Chiral Technologies Worldwide serves our customers with full technical support through our Group companies and distributors at your area.

Please visit the WEB page of our Group companies and distributor at your area.

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