Chiral Columns

Crown Ether Chiral Stationary Phases


Product name Product type Internal
Length (mm) Particle size (µm) P/N
CROWNPAK® CR Guard column 4 10 5 27711
CROWNPAK® CR(+) Analytical column 4 150 5 27714
Semi-prep 10 150 5 27734
CROWNPAK® CR(-) Analytical column 4 150 5 28714
Semi-prep 10 150 5 28734


Crown Ether Chiral Stationary Phases
CROWNPAK® CR(+) / CR(−) columns

These columns contain a chiral crown ether as a chiral selector which is a coated onto a 5μm silica support. Acidic mobile phases such as Perchloric acid pH 1 to 2, are used to operate these columns under standard conditions. Note that to shorten the retention time of hydrophobic samples, the addition of Methanol ( 15% maximum v/v) has been shown to be effective. These columns are the reference columns for achieving amino acid separations, with the advantage that the elution order of the enantiomers can be reversed when necessary ( CR(-) column gives the reversed elution order compared to CR(+) column).

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