Separation Services

Daicel chiral phases also allow access to a chiral solution to produce mg, g, kg and multi ton quantities of chiral molecules.
According to your needs and/or stage, there are several options for chiral separation.

(High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

Chiral batch HPLC is the simplest and quickest way to obtain small scale (mg to-multi g) samples using 1-10cm I.D. columns. Over 90% of racemic small molecules can be separated at this scale. One key advantage is that both enantiomers are isolated which allows both to be submitted for toxicology studies.

(Supercritical Fluid Chromatography)

SFC is relatively new technology. This is liquid chromatography using supercritical carbon dioxide as the solvent. Since supercritical liquid has both gas and liquid characters, the resultant low viscosity allows very high flow rate making it suitable for small to larger (-10kg) separation.

(Simulated Moving Bed)

SMB technology is a continuous process using several columns to gain high productivity. Daicel group has several scales of SMB equipment which allows us to separate from 10kg to 10s MT.

By combining Daicel experience in CSP selection with the correct equipment, we can easily scale up a process as it is required.

To start an evaluation, all you have to do is provide a sample of your racemate in combination with physical and safety information.

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