Chiral Columns

Ligand Exchange Chiral Stationary Phases and Polymethacrylate Chiral Stationary Phases


Product name Product type Internal
Diameter (mm)
Length (mm) Particle size (µm) P/N
CHIRALPAK®OP(+) Guard column 4.6 50 10 22022
Analytical column 4.6 250 10 22025
CHIRALPAK®OT(+) Guard column 4.6 50 10 23022
Analytical column 4.6 250 10 23025
CHIRALPAK®WH Guard column 4.6 50 10 25622
Analytical column 4.6 250 10 25625
CHIRALPAK®MA(+) Analytical column 4.6 50 3 21822


Ligand Exchange Chiral Stationary Phases

The chiral stationary phases in these columns are made of amino acids and its derivatives coated or bonded to silica supports ( with a particle size of 10μm for WH and 3μm for MA (+) ) . Since these columns are ligand-exchange type columns, the standard mobile phase to use is an aqueous solution of CuSO4 (0.1 to 2mM) . These columns can tolerate organic moditifiers such as Methanol and Acetonitrile according to the specifications in the instruction manual.

Polymethacrylate Chiral Stationary Phases

The chiral selector is a chiral synthetic methacrylate polymer coated onto a 10μm silica suppor t. The best chromatographic results are obtained using 100% Methanol as mobile phase. The polymer used for the CHIRALPAK OT (+) column is very delicate and is slowly degraded by alcohols. To avoid this phenomenon, we recommend to run the analyses at low temperatures ( 0~5 ).

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